RTO's Health Check

If you operate an RTO you will understand just how important compliance is to your business.

Insources RTO's health-check service is designed to provide an effective and timely solution for RTO managers, CEOs and owners to have an expert independent review of the core Standards:

  1. Standard 1
    1. Training and Assessment Strategies
    2. Industry relevance
    3. Amount of training
    4. Assessment practices
    5. Trainers and assessors
  2. Standards 4 and 5
    1. Marketing and advertising materials
    2. Student handbook

According to the national regulator ASQA, 80% of RTOs are not compliant against Standard 1 at initial audit.

We have the solution that works for you

We know time is important – We can start doing your health-check right now.

Once you sign up for this service, you will be provided with login details for our exclusive compliance online platform, where you will interact in real time with our consultants, upload the evidence to be reviewed, and receive feedback and a detailed health-check report.

How the system works?

  1. One of our consultants will call you and provide login details for your private account in our exclusive compliance online platform. Our consultant will discuss with you some initial considerations for the health-check and will explain the process.
  2. You will follow the steps in our compliance online platform and upload the necessary evidence to be reviewed by our consultant.
  3. Our consultant will interact with you online and over the phone during the analysis and consideration of the evidence.
  4. You receive a complete report, a clear diagnosis of compliance, including areas that are working well, areas to be improved and areas that require immediate rectifications.

Evidence reviewed in this process

  1. Training and Assessment Strategies for two training products (and associated documents, i.e. policies, procedures, templates and industry consultation records)
  2. Records of two students per training product (including enrolment date, commencement date, assessment dates, completion date, and date the certificate was issued)
  3. Assessment tools for four units of competence (including assessment criteria, mapping tools and other relevant documents, and two completed assessments for each UoC)
  4. Evidence of qualifications, working experience and PD for four trainers/assessors (including trainers' matrix)

Most responsive and cost-effective solution for RTOs

We are here to help you manage quality and eliminate the fear factor about compliance. Get your health-check done by industry experts.

The turnaround for this service is five working days and costs only $950 + GST

Duration: 30 days
Price: AU$950.00