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RTO Internal Audit - Consulting Service

If you operate an RTO you will understand just how important compliance is to your business. Insources internal audit service ensures your RTO is meeting the requirements of the VET Standards. We provide you with an accurate and independent picture of your RTO’s compliance status.

We are an external agent that can validate your organisation's performance, and present new fresh perspectives and ideas based on best practices.

Our experienced consultants will conduct a full audit against the relevant RTO’s Standards at your premises, and will provide a comprehensive audit report within two weeks.

Outline of service 

The objective of an internal audit is to identify non-compliances, or gaps in your RTO’s performance that could lead to future non-compliances, and identify areas of continuous improvement.

An internal audit usually takes 1-2 days (depending on the RTO’s scope of registration and other conditions such as locations, number of students, funding arrangements, etc.)

Our audit process includes:

    1. AuditInitial planning meeting (teleconference/online meeting) prior to the site visit. During this meeting, we will request some information that can include documented samples of training and assessment strategies and assessment tools.
    2. Desk audit. Our consultant reviews the selected material prior to the site visit.
    3. On-site visit. The audit takes 1-2 days and includes opening and closing meetings to meet the Regulator's Standards. All relevant Standards are audited.
    4. Comprehensive audit report and action plan. Detailed report including all findings and list of recovery actions prioritising non-compliances and opportunities for improvement.
    5. Post audit meeting/training. Our consultant will present the report and explain alternatives, best practices, and critical concepts required to successfully complete the action plan.
    6. Free training. You receive five free registrations for PD webinars for your staff.

auditBecause our consulting service works. We add value to your RTO. Our service goes beyond a standard compliance report. We provide advice and examples of best practices, and include a complete action plan to rectify any identified non-compliances, and exploit opportunities for continuous improvement.

We share our experience and knowledge, by including a two-hour post-audit online meeting/training where our consultant presents the report to your team, goes through best practices, and explains the proposed action plan.

Our internal audit service includes five free registrations for PD webinars that will support your team to develop the skills required to maintain your RTO’s compliance. (You can select from more than 20 different webinars that are available.)


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