Compliance Webinar Week:
ASQA's Standards of Concern for 2021

ASQA has identified five clauses within the Standards for RTOs that are of most concern and, therefore, a priority for its regulatory activity in 2021. Are you likely to be at risk of non-compliance?



Have you developed self-assurance mechanisms into your RTO operations to manage the risk of compliance? Can your trainers and manager translate compliance requirements into practical benchmarks for their routine operation? Do you understand compliance requirements against training and assessment strategies, amount of training, learning methods and resources, assessment systems and tools, trainers and assessors, and certification process? This webinar series will provide you with the knowledge, skills, job aids and samples of compliant practices.

ASQA’s Regulatory Strategy 2020-2022 identified five clauses of concern (clauses: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.8 and 3.1). These clauses will be a priority for regulatory activities during 2021-2022 (including audits). ASQA’s transition towards a more self-assurance approach to regulation expects RTOs to further develop staff capabilities and build self-assurance mechanisms to continuously monitor RTOs’ performance and outcomes.

This new webinar series, conducted over five days, will provide insights and best practices addressing all clauses of concern identified by ASQA.

By the end of the webinar week, you will walk away with the tools and the confidence to effectively manage compliance and lead your RTO’s operation in 2021. Sample procedures, templates and case scenarios will be discussed throughout the week. 

All live sessions will be recorded, and participants will have access to the videos for up to three months after the event.

Session 1 - Training and Assessment Strategies

Monday 7 December (12:30 - 1:30 PM AEST Sydney time). This session will provide the fundamental concepts to develop and document training and assessment strategies that are relevant to the training product content (qualification/units of competency) and the characteristics of the target learners’ cohort. The session will discuss common non-compliances, best practices and will provide practical job aids.

Session 2 - Learning methods and resources
Session 3 - Sufficient amount of training
Session 4 - Trainers and assessors recruitment and management
Session 5 - Assessment systems and certification process

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