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Achieving and sustaining compliance requires a coordinated effort. It begins with implementing and continues with ongoing evaluations and improvement initiatives. Involves a major, long-term investment of time, energy, and money for RTOs. This workshop will help you develop capabilities to meet compliance requirements.


ASQA is leading a regulatory transformation in the VET sector promoting a culture of self-assurance and risk management. RTOs must demonstrate capabilities and commitment to continuously examine their performance and student outcomes.

In this context, the Annual CEO Declaration is a confirmation that the RTO has met regulatory requirements, has identified and fixed issues as they arise, and has the quality management arrangements in place to ensure compliance now and into the future.

This program will give you the skills and knowledge to implement good governance and effective risk management techniques in your RTO. You will walk away with tools (templates, checklists, procedures) to help you prepare an accurate declaration, monitor all aspects of your RTO’s performance, analyse compliance status and provide evidence-based answers to complete the Declaration form.


Learning Objectives
  • Identify evidence and processes to be analysed prior to making the Annual Declaration on Compliance
  • Identify quality control processes required to support the annual declaration
  • Understand ASQA’s compliance policy and regulatory approach
  • Identify strategies to report rectifications and improvements within the annual declaration
Application Objectives
Impact Objectives
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Annual CEO Declaration on Compliance 2021
d M Y g:i a 9th March 2021 9:00 am
Rydges World Square Sydney Ticket for Face-to-face workshop
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d M Y g:i a
Package deal 1 includes access to Face-to-face workshop and VET Policy and Compliance Virtual Summit
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Package deal 2 includes access to live online workshop and VET Policy and Compliance Virtual Summit

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