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Managing Volume of Learning

Clause 1.1 - Is the amount of training your RTO provides 
consistent with the requirements of training packages and
VET accredited courses?

About this webinar

RTOs are required to demonstrate that the amount of training provided for each training program is sufficient to ensure participants will gain the skills and knowledge required to meet the training product requirements.

What will I learn?

This webinar will help you to determine the amount of training required for a particular training program, and use the AQF volume of learning indicators as a benchmark.

Learning / Impact / Application

Learning Objectives
  • Understand regulatory requirements under the Standards for RTOs, Clauses 1.1-1.4
  • Understand the effect of the AQF Volume of learning on your training and assessment strategies
  • Identify strategies to determine the amount of training required for each program
  • Understand how the different learner’s cohort affects the volume of learning requirements, and
  • Understand how different delivery modes affect the volume of learning requirements.
Application Objectives
Impact Objectives

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