Measuring ROI in Training

Do you want to demonstrate the value, impact and ROI of your training?

Piramide ROI

Then you need to build capabilities in the ROI Methodology, the most used and documented evaluation system in world for training & development, and performance improvement solutions.

The ROI Methodology includes a clear process and a set of standards that allow you to demonstrate the real value of training, including reaction, learning, application, impact and ROI data. When you use the ROI Methodology, you will be able to evaluate and report the complete story. And using "chain of impact" you will be able to produce data at every level of evaluation required by your stakeholders.

You will be able to say:

  • Here's what we invested.
  • Here's what people thought about it.
  • Here's what they learned and what they did with what they learned.
  • "As a result, we've improved output, quality, cost, time, customer satisfaction, job satisfaction, work habits, innovation and we know that improvement is due to our program because we can isolate the effects of the program. An evaluation at the ROI level will provide the data that executives are looking for, the financial benefit of the program/project, in a metric that CEOs, CFOs, Board Members and Managers, understand and respect: ROI.

"When we convert benefits to money, compare it to the cost, we calculate this ROI and by the way, we look at all the intangibles. It's a complete story of success."

During this workshop you will learn a new definition of value for training and performance improvement programs.


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  • Learning Objectives
  • Application Objectives
  • Impact Objectives
  • Who should attend?
  • Identify the drivers for ROI
  • Make the business case for ROI
  • Develop program objectives at multiple levels
  • Explain how to achieve business alignment
  • Explain to clients how ROI works
  • Identify 7 of the 12 Guiding Principles
  • Describe the 10 steps in the ROI Methodology, and
  • Plan next steps
  • Conduct a briefing on ROI, and
  • Develop Level 3 and 4 objectives for a specific program
  • Be more aligned with the business's needs
  • Be more eff ective, and
  • Contribute to business measures

This program is for Human Resources, Education, Learning and Development, IT, and Performance Improvement Professionals that want to improve their skills in accountability, program evaluation (including training programs), and ROI.