Systematic Review of Training Products

Managing compliance of training products offered

improving professional developmentTraining Products offered by RTOs must meet the Standards for RTOs 2015. Establishing an internal review process for Training Products, RTOs can ensure compliance with relevant Standards prior to offering a particular Training Product. When this process is used systematically, helps RTOs to monitor continuous compliance over the life cycle of the Training Product.

The internal review process is designed and implemented to ensure Training Products meet requirements of the Standards with regards to:

  • Industry consultation requirements,
  • Training resources,
  • Training methods,
  • Educational support services,
  • Assessment practices,
  • Trainers and assessors,
  • Transitioning arrangements,
  • Training evaluation and continuous improvement

Internal review of a Training Products should be performed periodically (i.e. annually) to ensures a timely identification of potential non-compliances and continuous improvement.

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  • Learning Objectives
  • Application Objectives
  • Impact Objectives
  • Who should attend?

›   Interpret requirements for Training Products included in Standards for RTOs 2015

›   Understand the process for analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating (ADDIE) training

›   Identify the internal review process stakeholders (Staff, industry, learners)

›   Identify different frameworks for training review and evaluation (Kirkpatrick and ROI Methodology)

›   Identify evidence required for internal review

›   Prepare an internal review process for your RTO

›   Determine the resources required to implement the internal review process

›   Connect the internal review process with continuous improvement

›   Prepare templates, and step-by-step guides for internal reviews of Training Products

›   Use review outcomes for the RTO’s compliance dashboard

›   Ensure compliance with Standards for RTOs 2015

›   Eliminate unnecessary costs associated to recovery actions or rectifications

›   Improve quality and relevance of training resources

›   Increase client satisfaction