RTO Standards 4 and 5 - WEBINAR

C-Users-Susan-Pictures-hr-checklist-171108761The RTO is ultimately responsible for ensuring transparent and accurate information about its services and performance is accessible to prospective and current learners and clients, regardless of any arrangements to have this information distributed on behalf of the RTO.

During this webinar we will describe the content requirements for accurate marketing practices in line with Standards 4 and 5. The workshop will provide some case scenarios to illustrate best practices, and will explore strategies to develop and monitor marketing content in line with these standards.

  • Learning Objectives
  • Application Objectives
  • Impact Objectives

›    Understand the new requirements for accurate marketing practices

›    Identify the minimum information required to be published by the RTO about its services and performance

›    Identify strategies to monitor marketing practices 

›    Audit current marketing material, within two weeks

›    Update all current marketing material, within three weeks

›    Review and update marketing policies and procedures in line with new RTO standards, within one month 

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10 Oct 2017 12:30 pm Live webinar - 1.5 hours AU$95.00
AUD95.00 43
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You can buy the latest recorded webinar: "Marketing Regulations", and have access to the video for two weeks. You will also have access to the webinars handouts, including any templates and reference materials used during the live session.

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Duration: 15 days
Price: AU$95.00