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Rectifying Non-Compliances Following an ASQA Audit

Rectifying Non-Compliances Following an ASQA Audit

If your RTO is deemed non-compliant after an ASQA audit, you have the opportunity (in most cases) to address the non-compliance and provide additional evidence: “Rectifications”. According to ASQA, during the last three years the number of RTOs that fail to rectify non-compliances has increased significantly.

RTOs are required to produce rectification evidence that identifies and corrects those non-compliances that would negatively affect future learners. RTOs are also required to correct any non-compliances that may have negatively affected current and past learners.

This webinar will provide you with skills, knowledge and practical examples to produce effective rectification and remediation evidence following an ASQA audit.


  • Learning Objectives +

    • Understand how non-compliances affect learners
    • Identify most common areas of non-compliances in ASQA audits
    • Understand the rectification process
    • Identify effective actions to rectify and remediate non-compliances
  • Application Objectives +

    • Identify how non-compliances affect past and current learners
    • Take actions to remediate non-compliances to past and current students
    • Create a rectification plan and effectively present rectification evidence
    • Manage risk of remediation requirements
  • Impact Objectives +

    • Address all non-compliances within rectification timeframe
    • Decrease non-compliances in future audits
    • Reduce cost of non-compliances
    • Improve quality of training services
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Event date Location Individual Price Choose Registration Type:
20 Mar 12:30 pm Live webinar - 1.5 hours AU$95.00
14 May 2:30 pm Live webinar - 1.5 hours AU$95.00
30 Jul 12:30 pm Live webinar - 1.5 hours AU$95.00
AU$95.00 49

Webinar Participants Feedback

  • I was given ample opportunity to ask questions and got back clear, easy to understand advice
    Lyn Keogh - From College of Therapy Yoga
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