RTO’s regulatory requirements

RTO’s regulatory requirements – Navigating the complex world of VET compliance

Leading an RTO requires a clear understanding of legislation and regulations relevant to RTO’s operations.

In a highly-regulated environment, RTO’s board members, CEO’s, and managers must ensure total understanding of VET regulations to ensure decisions made will lead to compliant outcomes, and RTO’s operations is effectively managed.

This webinar will provide participants with a clear snapshot of VET legislations and regulations, and its impact to the RTO’s operation. This is a great opportunity for executives and managers with limited exposure to RTO’s compliance, to understand how to navigate the complex VET regulatory world, and understand the basics of VET compliance.

Learning objectives

  • Identify relevant VET legislation and regulations
  • Identify relevant stakeholders for VET regulation
  • Understand principles of VET regulation
  • Analyse impact of VET regulation on RTO’s operation

Application objectives

  • Use knowledge about regulatory requirements to evaluate management decisions
  • Lead others within the organisation to achieve quality and compliance
  • Maintain currency with RTO’s regulatory requirements
  • Identify areas of risk for RTO’s operation

Impact Objectives

  • Improve RTO’s compliance results in audit
  • Improve results of policy implementation
  • Minimise cost of compliance related expenses
  • Improve communication with VET stakeholders

Event Properties

Event date 22 Aug 2017 10:00 am
Event End Date 22 Aug 2017 11:30 am
Individual Price AU$95.00
AU$95.00 47
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