Session Planning

Session Planning

Health check 4 rtosDo you map your training delivery to the unit(s) of competency? Is your training delivery consistent across all trainers in your RTO? How do your trainers feel about developing session plans?

This webinar will present a basic methodology for consistent and effective session planning that can be easily adapted to your current RTO's practices.

  • Learning Objectives +

    • Understand the advantages of having a session planning model for your RTO
    • Link RTO regulations and standards to session planning
    • Link the contents of session plans to unit(s) of competency, and
    • Write a session plan.
  • Application Objectives +

    • Develop a new session planning model for your RTO including developing policies, procedures, and templates
    • Provide instructions to other trainers about how to write session plans, and
    • Improve consistency of delivery arrangements across all trainers.
  • Impact Objectives +

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22 May 2:30 pm Live webinar - 1.5 hours AU$95.00
AUD95.00 41
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Duration: 15 days
Price: AU$95.00

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