Suggested evidence for audit

Suggested evidence for audit

evidenceWe have designed this webinar to identify and explore the types of evidence that RTOs can provide to demonstrate compliance against the Standards for RTOs 2015, evidence that also meets ASQA's new audit model.

The facilitator will discuss with participants some of the common non-compliances identified at audit, particularly training and assessment strategies and practices, assessment, trainers and assessors, third party arrangements, quality assurance processes, marketing, enrolments and complaints.

The facilitator will explain ASQA's five key phases of the student's learning experience, and how the RTO can provide evidence of compliance against the relevant Standards.

  • Learning Objectives +

    • Understand key requirements under the Standards for RTOs 2015
    • Identify relevant evidence to demonstrate compliance
    • Review common findings in regulatory audits
    • Understand ASQA’s new audit model
  • Application Objectives +

    • Review and update evidence available for audit
    • Prepare an audit run-sheet
    • Review current RTO’s procedures against best practices
    • Monitor RTO’s core process outcomes
  • Impact Objectives +

    • Minimise disruptions to RTOs operations during audit preparation
    • Minimise time required to prepare for audit
    • Decrease costs of audit preparation
    • Eliminate potential non-compliances
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Event date Location Individual Price Choose Registration Type:
05 Nov 12:30 pm Live webinar - 1.5 hours AU$95.00
04 Dec 12:30 pm Live webinar - 1.5 hours AU$95.00
AU$95.00 35

Webinar Participants Feedback

  • As always a very informative webinar for Insources, thank you.
    Shane Batterson - Clinton Institute
  • Good information and resources to assist in preparing for audit.
    Delina Rahmate - Fit Education
  • Professionally delivered, clear discussions and examples given by the speaker are helpful to me as a trainer/assessor in increasing my understanding about Audit.
    Consuelo Pagsuyuin Marcelino Sagum
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