Take charge of irrational fear & achieve RTO success

Take charge of irrational fear & achieve RTO success

This session explores the concepts of fear setting and building growth mindsets in order to overcome common limiting factors for RTOs such as bottleneck management; trainer engagement and productivity. Aimed at RTO Managers and CEOs, this session provide simple strategies to address the more difficult questions such as: - What would happen if you took that big risk? - What happens when we trust staff to make their own decisions? - How does our communication impact our staff productivity? 

  • Learning Objectives +

    • Understand the foundation concepts and tools to be able to undertake fear setting
    • Understand the concepts and some research behind growth mindset vs fixed mindset
    • Identify common fears and barriers to establishing trust based policies and procedures
    • Identify the business barriers that this presents
  • Application Objectives +

    • Undertake a fear setting exercise for your position and role within the RTO
    • Be able to change the language of praise from product to process based to increase staff resilience and begin to develop growth mindset in staff and self
    • Start to adapt policies and procedures to move the emphasis to trust & competency based actions based on sound understanding
  • Impact Objectives +

    • Stronger, more sustainable workplace culture
    • Reduce management needs to complete administrative tasks
    • Develop more resilient staff & students
  • Who should attend +

    RTO Managers and CEOs

  • Presenter +

    Presenter Name: Lauren Hollows

    Presenter Bio: 

    Lauren Hollows is the Founder and Director of Understand TAE, an organisation dedicated to providing professional development solutions to RTOs and Educators.

    Over the last ten years, Lauren has worked in a range of roles including as a teacher, trainer, administrator and a range of senior management roles relating to compliance, quality, operation and business development. Bringing her unique perspective to the conference, Lauren is passionate about helping individuals and organisations find practical and actionable ways to improve the quality of VET through developing quality VET practitioners.

    Lauren is a regular presenter at a range of VET conferences throughout Australia.

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29 Nov Wednesday 12:30 pm Live webinar - 1.5 hours AU$95.00
08 Feb Thursday 12:30 pm Live webinar - 1.5 hours AU$95.00
AU$95.00 48
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Webinar Participants Feedback

  • The seminar was very informative and the facilitator answered all questions with clarity
    Tanya Howell - Creative Edge Training
  • I enjoyed this session, it was practical and cut through the "bureaucractic bs" we get fed by ASQA
    Shona Leppanen-Gibson - Paradigm Infinitum
  • As a new RTO Compliance Manager, re-entering the VET sector after many years in the Higher Ed sector, this webinar provided succinct and highly relevant information - not just information but strongly contextualised with excellent application. I'll be back for more.... Many thanks, Brad
    Brad Edlington - Anglicare
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