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Understanding Copyright

Understanding Copyright

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Presented by Copyright Agency

All educational institutions should have copyright compliance measures in place to ensure that they do not infringe the rights of third party copyright owners, for example by copying or communicating excerpts from books, periodicals, images or websites.

The Statutory Education Licence offers an easy way for registered training organisations (RTOs) to ensure that they are copyright compliant.

Liesl Fitzpatrick from Copyright Agency, will provide you with valuable training in copyright requirements including recent amendments to the Copyright Act that affect the Statutory Education Licence.

This webinar will cover the following areas:

  • Copyright: the basics
  • Copyright: avoiding infringement
  • The Statutory Education Licence: what is it?
  • The Statutory Education Licence: uses and benefits
  • The Statutory Education Licence: amendments which came into effect from December 2017
  • Common copyright myths & misconceptions
  • Q&A
Event date Location Individual Price Choose Registration Type:
17 Jul 12:30 pm Live webinar - 1 hour AU$25.00

You can buy the latest recorded webinar: "Conducting Validations", and have access to the video for two weeks. You will also have access to the webinars handouts, including any templates and reference materials used during the live session.

Buying the recorded webinar, you will be also registered for the next live session

Duration: 15 days
Price: AU$95.00

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